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Jamie Oliver to open a Hot Dog restaurant.

Jamie Oliver to open a Hot Dog restaurant.


It’s rather ironic to think that not so long ago Jamie was campaigning to get Britains school children to eat more healthily and now he’s announced the opening of a new restaurant called The Dog house & diner on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue.

Jamie tends to hit the headlines for healthier options but he claims that they will be using healthier options in their hot dogs. Can a hot dog really be that healthy? With burgers and ribs also on the menu I don’t think it will be a place to visit for a healthy snack! I guess the old adage everything in moderation will be coming up when he’s open for any criticism.

On a positive note this will be good news for the street vendors which now are very popular in most cities and could make the ol banger become upmarket. Even now you have chains such as Herman ze German and Banger Bros setting up street establishments in the Big smoke.

Do you think his plans are hypocritical? Last year he was claimed by the Sunday Times rich list as being worth £150m making him the worlds richest chef so maybe Jamie hasn’t gone to the (hot) dogs and just spotted a great money making opportunity.

This is not the only venture Jamie has up his sleeve at the moment as Manchester City who are usually searching for every star player around the world are now even searching for celebrities. In a bid to create a world-class customer experience Manchester City have signed a five year contract with Jamie to provide match day food for all public concession stands, as well as the hospitality areas and the City Square fan zone.


I’m not sure what chants we will here coming from the Kippax stand now but it won’t be “who ate all the pies” and more like “who ate all the foie gras” ! Lets just hope Jamie’s 30 minute meals can now last 90 minutes.