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Chicken Tikka Masala (Dopiaza)

Chicken Tikka Masala (Dopiaza) – Courtesy of Titlisbusykitchen
Titlis Busy Kitchen – Recipe done to my style and taste.

I love Chicken tikka masala but also love dopiaza so decided to incorporate them both by making a masala but adding onions twice, to the base sauce and then to the main dish.

Base curry sauce

2 finely chopped onions
1 tin 750g 480g drained chopped tomatoes with juice
2tbsp garlic paste
2tbsp ginger paste
2 tbsp paprika
2tsp cumin powder
2tsp coriander powder
2tsp curry powder
1tsp turmeric
1tsp salt
1 cup of water
1tbsp tomatoe paste

Chicken tikka masala (Dopiaza)

1 roughly chopped onion
1 chilli split and chopped lenghtways
1/2 chilli diced thinly
2tbsp finely chopped coriander
Base curry sauce(amount as desired but at least 2 cups)
1 cup of single cream
1tsp salt
2 small chicken breast fillets cubed
2tsp tomatoe paste
2 small tomatoes peeled and seeded and chopped

To prepare the curry gravy, fry the spices in oil or ghee if you can find for 30 seconds.

Add the onion, garlic and ginger and stir-fry for 10 minutes until the onions start to brown.

Add the tomatoes, salt and water, bring to the boil and simmer part covered for 30 minutes.

Remove the lid and simmer for another 15 minutes.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Process the sauce in a blender so it is a smoothy velevty consistency, this is your base curry sauce done.

To make the chicken tikka masala (dopiaza) Heat the oil in a pan and add the onions and fry till softend and clear.

Add the chicken and cook for around ten minutes until all pieces are white.

Add 2 teaspoons of tomatoe paste and continue cooking for another 5 to 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

Add the sauce and the chopped peeled and seeded tomatoes, sliced chillis and cook on a low heat for 30 minutes, the longer you cook the better the taste but make sure it is on a low heat and just gently simmering.

Before you serve stir in the chopped chillis and cook for a further 5 mins and then stir in the cream.

Serve on a bed of rice and scatter finely chopped coriander on top for decoration.

If you want this dish hotter then at the very end stir in more finely chopped chillis or when you add the spice mix to the curry base sauce add your favorite blend of chilli powder.

I hope you enjoy


Creamy tarragon, lemon and garlic pasta with cajun spiced chicken and roasted peppers.

Chicken with creamy tarragon, lemon and garlic pasta and roasted peppers


For the cajun spiced chicken:

2 chicken breasts without skin

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp dried thyme

1/2 tsp chilli powder

3 cloves crushed

3 cloves garlic minced

2 tbsp flour

small knob of unsalted butter

1 tbsp oil

For the roasted peppers:

1 red pepper

1 green pepper


1 tbsp olive oil

For the sauce:

1/2 cup mayonnaise

2tbsp dijon mustard

2 tbsp oil infused with garlic and chilli

3 garlic cloves

1tbsp lemon juice

1tbsp lemon zest

2tbsp chopped fresh tarragon

1/4tsp salt

1/4tsp pepper

For the pasta:

250g of dried pasta

1 tsp olive oil


To garnish:

2 sprigs of parsley

Chopped fresh parsley


For the chicken:

Firstly I trimmed any excess fat and sinue from the chicken breasts and set to one side on a plate and covered. In a large bowl I combined the flour, salt, pepper, paprika, basil, chilli, cloves, thyme and garlic and mixed thoroughly. I then took one of the chicken breasts and dipped it into the bowl rubbing the spice mixture all over the skin ensuring completely coated. Then I did the same to the other chicken breast and covered them both with cling film and put in the fridge for an hour.

Once they had marinated in the cajun spices for an hour I heated a frying pan and once very hot I added the oil and butter. When the butter had melted I placed the two chicken breasts into the pan and fried each side until golden and cooked right through approx 5 minutes each side on a medium heat. Once they were cooked I sliced into thick strips and wrapped in tin foil to rest and keep warm ready for the pasta and sauce.

For the sauce:

Firstly I put four cloves of garlic in a crusher and scraped this into a bowl. Then I grated the zest of a lemon into the bowl with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Then I finely chopped some fresh tarragon and placed this into the bowl. Next I added the mayonnaise, mustard, oil, salt and pepper and whisked well until the sauce was combined well and looked nice and glossy. Then I covered the sauce with film and put in the fridge until ready to add to the pasta and warm through.

For the peppers:

I took one whole red and green pepper and washed and dried then placed sliced in half and placed on a baking tray and put under the grill to burn the skin ready for peeling. Once the skins had turned black and blistered I placed them in a tupperware tub with the lid on to steam for ten minutes. Once they had cooled a little I removed them from the tub and peeled all the skin from the peppers and deseeded. Then I placed the halved peppers onto a tea-towel and pressed the towel down onto the peppers to dry and flatten. I then placed the peppers onto a baking tray and sprinkled with salt and drizzled with oil on both sides. Then I sliced the peppers into strips whilst still on the baking tray and placed into the oven to roast for approx 30 minutes.

For the pasta:

I filled a deep saucepan half full with cold salted water and brought to the boil. Then I added the pasta and stirred thoroughly adding one teaspoon of olive oil to prevent sticking. I let this boil for approximately 7 minutes or until the pasta is soft but still very slightly firm. I then drained the pasta making sure to reserve half a cup of the water the pasta was cooked in. I then placed the pasta back into the saucepan and added the water and the tarragon sauce and stirred well making sure all the pasta is coated with the sauce. I then placed the pasta and sauce back onto the heat to warm through ready to serve.

I spooned the pasta evenly onto the middle of the plate making sure it’s layered well for the chicken to sit on top. I then removed the foil from the chicken and placed three slices of chicken on top of the pasta and sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley and placed a sprig of parsley on the centre piece of chicken.

I then took the roasted peppers from the oven and layered them criss cross on the side of the plate just resting on the edge of the pasta.

Chicken with creamy tarragon, lemon and garlic pasta and roasted peppers

Chicken with bacon, onion and cheese.

Canon Photos 013

Today I needed to use up the rashers of bacon that I had for the bacon wrapped chicken and wanted it to be something quick and simple so with the two chicken breasts I had I seasoned them with salt and pepper and a little chicken seasoning and put in the fridge covered with cling film whilst I prepared the rest.

I then heated up a frying pan and once very hot added a tablespoon of oil and fried the bacon until crispy. Then I removed the bacon from the pan and onto a plate to cool and allow to set nice and crispy.

I then poured out the fat from the bacon into a cup and reserved for later. I didn’t wipe the pan but added a knob of butter and a tablespoon of oil and fried the chicken both sides until golden brown and almost cooked through inside. I then placed the chicken on a baking tray and put into the oven at 180c for 20 minutes.

Whilst the chicken was cooking I put the reserved oil from the bacon into the frying pan with the oil and butter that was left from frying the chicken and fried the chopped onion and garlic on a medium heat until soft. Whilst this was cooking I put the crispy bacon into a deep heavy saucepan and using the end of a rolling pin smashed into tiny bits. Then I added the bacon bits to the onion and garlic and stirred in and cooked for a further 2-3 minutes.

Then I removed the chicken from the oven and spooned the onion and bacon mixture all over the top of the chicken breasts and any that was left over I arranged all the way around the chicken breats and inbetween them both to ensure all the flavours from the cooked onion, garlic and bacon would penetrate the chicken. I put this back in the oven for a futher 10 minutes and right near the end I took them out and grated cheddar cheese on top and put back in to melt and brown.

I garnished the chicken with a little chopped fresh parsley and served with the potato salad from yesterday and some of my redcurrant and onion relish.

Canon Photos 017


  • 6 slices bacon
  • 1 Tbsp. butter
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp chicken seasoning
  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/8 tsp. pepper
  • 1-1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • Chopped fresh parsley for garnish

The potato salad and redcurrant and onion relish recipes can be found here:

Potato salad

Redcurrant and onion relish

Bacon wrapped chicken with potato salad and sweetcorn

Today I was inspired by two friends on a couple of cooking sites I frequent to cook bacon wrapped chicken served with potato salad. I adapted both of their recipes to suit my tastes and as to that was readily available to me at the time.

Here is the Bacon wrapped chicken

Canon Photos 035

This was served with potato salad

Canon Photos 025

Canon Photos 028

And both of these were served together with sweetcorn flavoured with herb butter.

Canon Photos 043

For the potato salad:

I peeled 8 medium potatoes and chopped into cubes ensuring all were the same size as this will make sure they cook evenly. I then placed the cubed potatoes into cold salted water and brought to the boil for approx 10 minutes or until they are soft enough to be pierced with a fork but without breaking up. Once the potatoes were cooked I drained the water and ran under cold water in a sieve to cool down and stop the cooking process. I then set them aside to make the sauce.

For the sauce:

I chopped a cup of spring onions into 1/4 inch pieces and only use the green part not the white end. These I placed into a large bowl. Then I chopped a good handful of fresh parsley and added this to the bowl. Then I chopped finely one stick of celery and also added to the bowl. I then added the mayonnaise, mustard, wine vinegar and salt and pepper and mixed it all up together. Finally I put on 4 eggs to hard boil and once done chopped up three of them and added to the sauce mixture and quartered the fourth one for decoration. Then I added the potaotes and mixed thoroughly but carefully making sure you don’t break up the potatoes. Adjust the ingredients to your taste if you think it needs more or less of something. I don’t usually measure these kind of recipes but use according to taste. I spooned this mixture to a serving bowl and garnished with the egg quarters in each corner and used some more chopped spring onion in the middle and sprinkled with chopped parsley.

For the chicken:

First of all I seasoned two chicken breasts with salt, pepper and dried thyme making sure I rubbed it into all of the chicken and covered every part. Then I put on a plate and covered with film and placed in the fridge for 1 hour but you could marinate overnight if wanted but I would recommend no less than 20 minutes as you want to taste the flavours of the thyme in the chicken.

Whilst the chicken was marinating in the fridge I sliced two 1/2 inch thick slices of tomato and placed them on a small plate and seasoned with salt, crushed garlic and chopped fresh basil. These then were covered with film and also placed into the fridge to marinate for approx 1 hour to allow the flavours to infuse into the tomato.

I then removed the chicken from the fridge and heated a frying pan until very hot and added a tablespoon of oil. I placed the two chicken breasts into the hot oil and fried both sides until golden brown. Make sure to only turn once as you want to seal in the juices. Once the chicken breasts were nice and golden I placed them onto a baking tray and put the tomato on top of the chicken breast right in the middle. I then grated a little cheddar cheese and sprinkled this carefully onto the tomato and then wrapped the chicken and tomato with two rashers of bacon in a criss cross fashion ensuring the ends were tucked under the chicken. Layering like this will allow for the fat from the bacon to drizzle onto the marinated tomato and then the chicken will take on some amazing flavours – the fat from the bacon, the garlic and basil from the tomato and the thyme that I seasoned the chicken in before frying.

Then I placed the chicken into a pre-heated oven at 200c for 40 minutes or until thoroughly cooked through. When I removed the chicken from the oven I placed a piece of parsley under the tomato for decoration but if you have fresh thyme it would be better.

For the sweetcorn:

I just used a tin of sweetcorn and drained it and emptied into a bowl. Then I chopped 1 clove of garlic and some parsley and mixed this with some butter. I placed the herb butter into a saucepan over a low heat and melted. Then I poured the herb butter all over the sweetcorn and decorated with a little chopped parsley.


2 chicken breasts

1 tsp dried thyme

salt and pepper

4 cloves garlic

1 large tomato

chopped fresh basil

4 rashers of bacon

Grated cheddar cheese

8 medium potatoes

Bunch spring onions

1 stick of celery

220g mayonnaise

1 tbsp mustard

1 tbsp wine vinegar

4 eggs

Fresh parsley

1 tin sweetcorn

knob of butter