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Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette


4 eggs

4 tbsp grated cheddar cheese

1/2 red pepper de-seeded and sliced

1tbsp oil

salt and pepper

1 tomato halved

2 tsp balsamic vinegar

Chopped fresh parsley for decoration


Firstly I cut the red pepper in half and removed the seeds. Then I sliced into thin strips and set aside ready for frying. Then I cracked four eggs into a bowl and added the four tablespoons of cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of salt and pepper and whisked thoroughly. Then I heated the frying pan until hot and added one tablespoon of oil and added the pepper and fried until soft for a couple of minutes. Next I added the egg mixture to the pan and cooked on medium heat making sure to push the egg mixture with a spatula to the middle so the liquid comes to the sides and cooks right through. This process ensures the top is cooked properly and no raw egg rermains. I cooked like this for approx five minutes or until the bottom of the omelette is golden and then I flipped to cook for just one minute on the other side. For serving I sliced a tomato in half using a zig zag line around the tomato. Then I sprinkled a little salt and balsamic vinegar onto the tomato. Finally I chopped some fresh parsley and sprinkled onto the omelette.

Spanish omelette


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  1. That looks awesome.

    August 30, 2009
  2. jonnyjonnyuk #

    Thanks Divina. Quick and easy is quite often just as tasty:) Of course you could use many other vegetables in this omelette but peppers on their own still made this dish extremely nice.

    August 30, 2009
  3. Jan #

    Oooh Yum this omelette looks GOOD!
    Love your blog by the way!

    August 31, 2009
    • jonnyjonnyuk #

      Hiya Jan! It tasted very yum as well:) I’m glad you like the blog and thanks for your kind words.

      August 31, 2009
  4. ah spanish tortillas are comfort food! this looks lovely. x

    September 2, 2009

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